The purpose of the Swedish Club at the University of Washington is to promote and celebrate Swedish language and culture at UW and the surrounding community.

The majority of our organization consists of regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Washington, but anyone interested in Swedish language and/or culture is welcome.


Chair and Lucia Coordinator: Karli Anderson -
Event and Outreach Coordinator: Britta Tunestam
Publicity Director: Stella Choi
Publicity Director: Anna Guthrie
Secretary:Sarah Hammarlund
Webmaster: Stephen Swanson
Treasurer: Hope Reilly

Our Events


Definition: Fika is a Swedish verb that roughly means "to take a coffee break." (It also has noun usage, roughly meaning "coffee break.") 

Our club holds a weekly fika open to anyone interested in Sweden or Swedish-related things.  It is a great place to network with other people interested in Sweden.  It is also a great place for students in Swedish language classes to bring their questions.  These are very casual events. There is no language requirement for our fikas.

Also, don't feel like you have to be with us for the whole allotted time. We realize people lead busy lives, so don't be afraid to show up late or leave early. Fika will be here for you, so just come and have a good time! :)

Check the calendar for a schedule of upcoming fikas.

Special Events
The Swedish Club hosts special events from time to time.  Check our
calendar for more information!