Design FAQ 04/23/2008

There seems to be a little confusion happening on the design work.  Let me clarify what is happening...

Q: t-shirts? sweatshirts? pique shirts? mugs? golf balls? my mom's oven mitt?

A: This is sort of irrelevant right now.  I currently have a designer working on some designs and I hope to end up with at least one t-shirt, one sweatshirt, and one polo shirt design.  (Doesn't mean everyone has to buy all three).  Our designer is one of my close friends and we're working hard to get you some great designs!  We are designing sensitively to our design surface, of course.  In other words, we realize some things work better for t-shirts than for pique shirt, for example. 

Q: "Swedish Club" vs. "Swedish Club at the University of Washington" vs. "Svenska Klubben" vs. "Svenska Klubben på UW" vs. No label, etc...

: This depends on the kind of shirt, but right now I have my designer working on a general logo design that looks sort of like this:

[TTT]Svenska Klubben[TTT]

(The "TTT" represents the tree/thor symbol found on design #2). 

Are there more designs? When will they be available?

A: Yes, there are more designs... Please be patient, they are coming soon!  Once most of our designs our collected and finalized, I will find some way to put up a poll and we will vote!  In the mean time, you should send me your member bios! [insert finger wag here]

If you have any other burning questions, feel free to post a comment to this post and I'll try to address it, but please... give it some time.  I feel like I'm working my designer to death right now. 
(I just gave her another 3-4 designs to work on.)



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